Best Tourist Spots in Ohio to Visit Around the Year!

Ohio is a land of tourism and colors. If you haven’t known, you have the best opportunities to enjoy sightseeing along with self-participation and enjoyment. If you are planning an elaborate trip to the buckeye state of the USA, check out the following places, such as the cabins in Yellow Springs Ohio, you wouldn’t want to miss them! You can find them bustling with tourists all around the year, and they are the best spots to explore the authentic Ohio culture. You can get tickets for these events at Cheapo Ticketing.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point Amusement Park

It is one of the biggest American amusement parks and the largest in Ohio, located along the banks of Lake Erie. It proudly hosts 17 mega roller coaster rides and a number of water slides, kids’ adventures, bicycle tours, and pedicab trips on the boardwalks. The park operates all through from spring to fall seasons, making it a must-to-enjoy trip while you are visiting the state. Along with adventure, you can also find fine dining facilities, in-park shopping malls, beach party offers, and lakeside relaxation in privacy.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Also called Rock Hall of Cleveland, Ohio, this is the largest museum in the state to visit if you are a music and art enthusiast. The stunning architecture designed by I.M.Pie is an attractive place if you want to explore the Ohio countryside music and its evolution.

All around the year, several bands and prominent musicians have their special events that are always updated in the calendar, and you can also attend the famous Rock and Roll awards shows. They have an updated official website with all the schedules and upcoming tours for the visitors, which you can explore and book beforehand to plan your trip accordingly.

The hippie town of Ohio – Downtown Yellow Springs

Apart from the urban architecture, the state’s oldest museums and high-tech parks, Ohio also offers a chunk of country-side experience if you visit its villages. One of the most prominent among them is the Downtown YellowSprings village which has been popularly recognized as the hippie town of the entire state.

Downtown YellowSprings village

There are no hosh-posh attractions and adventures here, but you can find some homely cottages to stay in, local cuisine restaurants, and a lot of shops and street markets to fill your bags with memorable souvenirs.

The natural beauty of Hocking Hills State Park

If you are looking for real adventure and a tiresome trip, this natural expanse is one great place to satisfy all your desires. Hocking Hills is 2356 hectares of land area in Hocking County, Ohio, having a vast expanse of forest and water sceneries.

natural beauty of Hocking Hills State Park

You can find 25 kilometers of hiking trails, high-quality and comfortable camping facilities, water sports with numerous caves, and natural nooks to roam and explore. The Park offers timely rides and hosts special programs for tourists with guided fun and trainers’ support which you can find in their schedule way ahead of planning. You can book ziplining, canoeing, or rock-climbing adventures with all the camping facilities and provided equipment.

Post Author: Luke Huxham