Ohio Resource Center
Grade 8: Science and Technology: Benchmark B
This mini-collection on designing a solution or product is aligned with Science and Technology Benchmark B: Design a solution or product taking into account needs and constraints (e.g., cost, time, trade-offs, properties of materials, safety and aesthetics). Several of these resources also provide many opportunities to incorporate inquiry as well as writing into science instruction.

Structures Around the World: Activities for the Elementary Classroom (ORC#: 327)
Do you need an inquiry activity dealing with building structures with materials common to the science classroom? These activities require students to design a stable structure using various materials while also reinforcing various physical science concepts. They also provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate inquiry (open, guided or teacher-led) into the science classroom. (cb)

Jumpy Dolls (ORC#: 1008)
This lesson incorporates the Science and Technology standards into life science content by having students construct a Jumpy Doll as a culminating activity for a unit on the muscular system. Students are challenged to design and construct a jointed figure as a model of muscle/bone movement. The action of pulling the string represents the prime mover muscle contracting and the body part that moves is the bone. Students are required to use their problem solving skills to construct the doll since no patterns or directions on how to make the doll are provided.(author/cb)