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Webcast Instructions

Webcast Test

Please click the link below to test your current Windows Media Player. You should see a video clip with sound. If you are using a modem, the video may be slow, 'fuzzy', and may stop and start off and on. This can be considered normal. You may want to stop and try again in a few minutes until local Internet activity has slowed.

Perform the webcast test

If the video clip did not work, please review the webcast requirements. You probably need to download the free Windows Media Player for Windows or Flip4Mac for Macintosh. If you still encounter problems with the webcast test please email us at web@ohiorc.org. We will be happy to assist you, but please note that we will not be able to provide a response during a live webcast.

System Requirements

The webcasts are designed to be viewed on any modern Microsoft Windows or Macintosh based computer made after 1998 and having an Internet connection. Many older computers will work as well. Typically Windows based computers are completely ready for webcast viewing. Most Macintosh users only need to download the proper version of Windows Media Player (free).

Windows Requirements
Windows NT, 2000, ME and XP+
       Macintosh Requirements
Apple OS X 10.3+
  Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+          Browsers:  Mozilla Firefox 1.0+, Apple Safari 2.0+
  Plugins & Players: Windows Media Player 10 or higher (version 11 preferred), Adobe Flash 9+          Plugins & Players: Flip4Mac 6.4+, Apple Quicktime, Adobe Flash 9+
  Download Windows Media Player
Download Adobe Flash Player
         Dowload Flip4Mac
Download Adobe Flash Player

If you have any questions or problems, please email us at web@ohiorc.org. Please include your computer type, operating system and version, and browser type and version in the email. Please note that we will not be able to provide a response during a live webcast.