The Problem Corner

(featuring Stella’s Stunners and Rich Math Problems)

The Problem Corner is an archive collection of hundreds of non-routine, rich math problems preserved from the Ohio Resource Center (ORC) website. Problems include content from pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus for grades 6-12. It is a pleasure to make this problem library available for you to use with your own students.

Problems in this collection were contributed and curated by Ohio educators. Special thanks go to Rudd Crawford, long-time mathematics teacher at Oberlin High School (Oberlin, Ohio) for Stella’s Stunners, the iDiscovery project at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) for the Rich Math Problems, and Dr. Sigrid Wagner (1942-2016), former ORC Mathematics Content Specialist and Professor Emerita, The Ohio State University for her time and leadership in curating this collection.

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