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ODE Assessment Item, Grade 5: The Kite Fighters: Literal questions
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Professional Commentary

This multiple choice question asks students to determine which information in the selection answers the question. The student is required to make meaning by reading and comprehending the information presented in the selection. This is a sample multiple choice test item used in a past Reading Achievement Test (for more information, see IMS: Assessments).  From this test item, a visitor may view the reading passage and information regarding the general performance on this item.  The Ohio Department of Education's IMS website allows visitors to search for test items and build a printable database of questions by choosing the "Add to Backpack" function.  This resource is also available in Word format. ODE Reference Information: 2008-Grade 5 Reading, Annotated Item 32. (author/jlkrause)

Ohio English Language Arts Standards (2001)
Reading Process: Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and Self-Monitoring Strategies Standard
Benchmarks (4–7)
Make meaning through asking and responding to a variety of questions related to text.