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Measuring Shadows
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Professional Commentary

The purpose of this lesson is to determine the pattern (length and direction) of shadows cast by sunlight over several months to develop an interpretation of the daily and seasonal patterns and variations observed. Students make observations, collect data and create a table of the times, lengths of lines, and angles for the shadow data. Throughout the course of the year students collect, analyze, and compare this data to past months. (author/cb/fh)

Next Generation Science Standards (2012)
Scientific and Engineering Practices
Developing and using models
Analyzing and interpreting data
Ohio Science Academic Content Standards (2010)
Science Inquiry and Application
Grade 5
Earth and Space Science
Cycles and Patterns in the Solar System
Most of the cycles and patterns of motion between the Earth and sun are predictable.
Physical Science
Light, Sound and Motion
Light and sound are forms of energy that behave in predicable ways.
Ohio Science Academic Content Standards (2002)
Earth and Space Sciences
Benchmarks (6–8)
Describe how the positions and motions of the objects in the universe cause predictable and cyclic events.
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 8)
Describe how objects in the Solar System are in regular and predictable motions that explain such phenomena as days, years, seasons, eclipses, tides and moon cycles.
Scientific Inquiry
Benchmarks (6–8)
Analyze and interpret data from scientific investigations using appropriate mathematical skills in order to draw valid conclusions.
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 7)
Use graphs, tables and charts to study physical phenomena and infer mathematical relationships between variables (e.g., speed, density).
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 8)
Read, construct and interpret data in various forms produced by self and others in both written and oral form (e.g., tables, charts, maps, graphs, diagrams, symbols).
National Science Education Standards
Earth and Space Science
Objects in the sky (Grades Kindergarten - 4)
Changes in earth and sky (Grades Kindergarten - 4)
Earth in the solar system (Grades 5 - 8)