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The Jelly Bean Problem
9, 10
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Professional Commentary

The purpose of this lesson is to get students to think about some of the problems that arise when a cell ingests food. Students are given a plastic shopping bag, scissors, string, and some wrapped candy. Their challenge is to use these materials to demonstrate phagocytosis. Ideally upon completing the activity the students are given an opportunity to observe Paramecium feeding on Congo red-stained yeast. An alternative would be to show some of the digital videos found in Molecular Expressions' Pond Life (ORC # 3364.) (author/ts)

Ohio Science Academic Content Standards (2002)
Life Sciences
Benchmarks (9–10)
Explain the characteristics of life as indicated by cellular processes and describe the process of cell division and development.
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 10)
Explain the characteristics of life as indicated by cellular processes including a. homeostasis b. energy transfers and transformation c. transportation of molecules d. disposal of wastes e. synthesis of new molecules
Scientific Inquiry
Benchmarks (9–10)
Participate in and apply the processes of scientific investigation to create models and to design, conduct, evaluate and communicate the results of these investigations.
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 9)
Construct, interpret and apply physical and conceptual models that represent or explain systems, objects, events or concepts.
National Science Education Standards
Science as Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (Grades 9 - 12)
Life Science
The cell (Grades 9 - 12)