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Make Science Reading Fun and Meaningful in Middle School!
Science, Reading
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Professional Commentary

In this article, middle school teacher Teresa Null explores teaching reading strategies in her science classroom by teaching units through scientific storylines. In small groups, students read aloud an assigned paragraph in order to share, respond to, and determine the meaning of the text. The small groups then report to the rest of the class and in the process, become "experts "on their passages through "teaching" the rest of the class. The groups also create one question generated by their readings. The whole class then tries together to repond to the question. Null discusses potential difficulties for teachers carrying out this activity, helpful advice for teachers thinking about using this strategy in their classrooms. (author/mcg/emunger)

Ohio English Language Arts Standards (2001)
Reading Process: Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and Self-Monitoring Strategies Standard
Reading Applications: Informational, Technical and Persuasive Text Standard
Communications: Oral and Visual Standard