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Ohio's Academic Content Standards in Mathematics

Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard

Students demonstrate number sense, including an understanding of number systems and operations and how they relate to one another. Students compute fluently and make reasonable estimates using paper and pencil, technology-supported and mental methods.

Measurement Standard

Students estimate and measure to a required degree of accuracy and precision by selecting and using appropriate units, tools, and technologies.

Geometry and Spatial Sense Standard

Students identify, classify, compare and analyze characteristics, properties and relationships of one-, two- and three-dimensional geometric figures and objects. Students use spatial reasoning, properties of geometric objects, and transformations to analyze mathematical situations and solve problems.

Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standard

Students use patterns, relations and functions to model, represent and analyze problem situations that involve variable quantities. Students analyze, model and solve problems using various representations such as tables, graphs and equations.

Data Analysis and Probability Standard

Students pose questions and collect, organize, represent, interpret and analyze data to answer those questions. Students develop and evaluate inferences, predictions and arguments that are based on data.

Mathematical Processes Standard

Students use mathematical processes and knowledge to solve problems. Students apply problem-solving and decision-making techniques, and communicate mathematical ideas.