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Alternative Uses of Outdated Computers
Information Technology  

  Inquiry Based Unit
Essential Question
How can we utilize older computer equipment in economical, business-connected ways?
Critical Questions
 Print/Electronic Resources

This site contains tutorials, references, and white papers for educators

A site for information on Linux operating systems, including code and downloads

Contains information and links to sites concerning computational networks and compilers

Contains tutorials for Parallel Processing systems

A reprint of a Parallel Processing paper from the University of Kentucky

A Linux journal site that discusses Parallel Processing and the use of PVM, a free "Parallel Virtual Machine" software for Distributed Data Processing

A site for access to data for computation on Parallel Processors

A link to a program's site, including the results of the Parallel Processing project and the number of units that have processed since the completion of the project

Estimated time:
 One 30-minute segment each day, plus one full class day (90 minutes) per week, for 6 weeks.

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